Danny Boyle has revealed a TV show based on his film The Beach has been written by Amy Seimetz.

Boyle’s 2000 film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton, is based on the Alex Garland novel – and it now seems a small-screen revival isn’t too far away.

Speaking to The Independent, Boyle explained that Seimetz – the actor-writer-director who oversaw Steven Soderbergh series The Girlfriend Experience – was in charge of the project.

“The Beach may come back. [Seimetz] has taken The Beach and made a prequel for television. It’s the same character but it’s set now, so 20 years later – it’s a bit of a headf***.”

The Yesterday director continued: “It’s intriguing when you see it. I’ve read the first two scripts. I don’t know if they’ll have the courage to do it at FX, but you never know.”

Seimetz most recently starred in the remake of Pet Sematary and directed episodes of Atlanta‘s second season. In June 2018, she inked an overall deal with FX that sees her develop new TV projects exclusively for the network. 

In the same interview, Boyle revealed a third 28 Days Later film is in the works with Garland, the writer of the 2002 original.

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